Welcome to March

Well, it is officially March. Can you believe it we have already went through 2 whole months of 2010. I can't believe time is flying by so quickly. This is already starting to shape up to be a great month and a busy month. Liv turns 7 in 19 days so you can imagine how is constantly talking about her birthday and what she wants and how that changes from day to day but oh well, we will see what we end up with once her big day gets here.

Also, the girls have there big church play at the end of this month so I sure that this month will be busy on their end. We booked our summer vacation last week and we are already counting down until we leave and it is still 3 1/2 month away, but after last year and not taking a vacation we are all very excited.

Finally, I found this blog on Kelly's Korner and even though I haven't read their full story I am asking that all of you pray for this sweet couple and their soon to be little boy Cohen. I can't imagine what they are going through and I am blessed everyday with 3 little healthy girls and each day after I read stories like this one I am more thankful.

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