You still checking in

If you are then I am amazed. This month has not only flown by but we have been so busy that I have barely found time to read the blogs that I love to keep up with. You would have thought that since I had Spring Break from school that I could have at least updated once that week. Well, just because I was out didn't mean the girls were out so we kept up the same routine as usual but didn't have to use Grammy much since I wasn't at school. I did use her for a couple of hours on the Thursday of my break to go have lunch (kid-free) with my wonderful husband.

The beginning of my break I had started to feel kind of crappy but didn't really know what was wrong and my the end I knew something was wrong but didn't really let it bother me. It seemed that everything I ate would somehow make it's way out of my body one way or another within a mere 2 hours (sorry to much detail I know). When I was still having the problems on my first day back to school (the 16th) Jason and I decided I needed to finally go and see the doctor. After discussing my problems with her, she sent me for a CT Scan with contrast. If you have never had the enjoyment of experiencing it (contrast that is)...I covered it for you and hope and pray that none of you ever have to. After a couple of hours we got word that i was suffering from Diverticulous (not diverticulitis)----so I am going to be seeing a GI this Thursday which my doctor has already warned me will probably lead me to a colonoscopy (LOVELY). This has resorted to be not being able to exercise much b/c of feeling so bad so I am hoping that once we get the GI seen I will be able to work out again.

Also, this past weekend (the 20th to be exact) Little Miss L turned 7....it is hard to believe that she is already that old and I won't go into much detail about her birthday b/c I want to save that for the post with the pictures included.

I had 2 papers due at school today which took up some time and I have 2 book exams on the 1st of April so the next 8.5 days i will be taking in ALOT of reading. The girls are looking forward to their Spring Break especially Miss L since her dad and I promised that we would paint her room that week. i will post before and after pics. What I have in mind i think is going to look really good so we will see.

So until next time....which is hopefully soon

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