Playin Catch Up

It has been almost a month since I posted last and I can't really tell you where that whole month has gone except that we have been really busy. For me school has been really wearing me out and I am glad to be getting to go during the day, my mom helps with the girls when they get out of school the 2 days of the week that I am in. I am currently taking 4 classes. This is the busiest part of the season for Jason at work so it seems that if he isn't working late right now he is signed in here at home working.

February started out horrible for us and at this point I am ready to see it go February 2nd Liv got sick with the stomach flu and was up throwing up and with diarrhea until about 1:30am so she was home from school the next day. February 4th Kerigan came home and immediately threw up (in the end she had the lightest case of it), February 9th Morgan came down with it and lordy that was probably the roughest of any of the girls because it is very hard to keep a diabetic up. The worst part of her getting sick was that she ate dinner on the 9th and we gave her the insulin she needed and 10 minutes later she was throwing up so needless to say it was a long night for us and ALOT of calls to her doctors between Tuesday Night and Wednesday Evening. Then Thursday Night Jason came down with it too, so he and I were up ALL night again. This week was probably the worst because Morgan and Jason had it the worst of everybody. Luckily I had a very very mild case of it with only stomach cramping and uneasiness.

The best part of the month was February 6th when we got together with some dear friends of mine that we haven't seen since our wedding. Charles (Chaps) and Cathy Sewell went to church with me when I was kid. Chaps was kinda like my adopted dad especially when my dad and I were going through our tough time. If it hadn't been for Chaps and Jason I am not sure I would have repaired my relationship with my dad so I am grateful to have had them help me through this difficult time.

Finally, here in Georgia we have officially had an ice and snow in 2010. We had snow fall this past Friday starting at about 1:00PM and it didn't stop until about 9:00PM. We got about 3 inches at our house. However, can I say that I am OVER winter. Where is Spring? March can't get here soon enough?

One little prayer request: We are considering doing something "crazy" at our house if it works out. It has been a dream of mine for quite a while but we need major prayers lifted up for it to happen. So when you say your prayers for the next couple of weeks, can you include us in those? However, if you know us personally, please don't ask about it because it is just a prayer right now and if it works out I will shout it from the roof tops and tell everyone on here and in person.

Have a great week everybody. I have a paper and 2 midterms over the next 2 weeks so it might take me that long to update again. Please keep checking in on us though.

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