A Decade in Review

When I "signed off" right before Christmas, I never dreamed it would be a new year before I would update. We have been SO busy that it was difficult to even sit down expect to sleep. As the first decade of the 2000s comes to close, it marks an interesting point in my life to ruminate on the first decade of my adulthood.

*****Warning NO Pics in this post***** but keep reading this was fun to put together.

I entered 2000 as a 21-year-old adult and will enter 2010 as a 31-year-old much older not sure wiser woman. So I thought I take an opportunity to reflect upon the "zeros" decade...

I ring in millennium at mine and Jason’s new house with dear friends.. All Y2K fears are unfounded. Got married to the love of my life. Lived by myself for the first time in my life when he traveled to NYC for 2 weeks on business (not fun) but now the memories. Jason’s mam-maw passes away. Both of his grandmothers are my first experience of grandmothers. I love her a lot. Family vacation to Florida with Jason’s family. The USS Cole is attacked. George W. Bush narrowly wins the Presidency. We all learn about hanging chads. Learn a lot about taking care of a house, decorating, and cooking. Start at Wellstar. Finish this busy year with the knowledge of learning that we are expecting a baby…with a lot of jaw dropping WHAT. I slip our jaw-dropping surprise to a very special friend on Christmas Eve.

We tell our families of the surprise on New Year's Day. George W. Bush takes office. Learn what it is like to be pregnant and how life will soon change. Experience pre term labor and miss a shower held in my honor. Miss K is born in August. The September 11th attacks happen. I watch the tragedy unfold as I feed my newborn baby. I continue to grow close with many of my current closest friends. Jason travels to Washington D.C. 3 weeks after the attacks (we have pics of the Pentagon). The US goes to war with Afghanistan. Return to work part time and that later changes to full time.

Jason’s other grandmother passes away from ovarian cancer. I miss them both dearly.Jason gets an unexpected ‘layoff” from work in April. Not much happened this year expect another baby surprise in July. Jason starts with Cingular Wireless as a contractor in July and goes full time in December.

We decide to try and sell our house and move closer to work and school. The US starts the Iraq war at the exact same time that I am in the hospital welcoming our second daughter (Miss L). We move when she is 6 days old. Bush declares “Mission Accomplished.” It’s not. Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes Governor of CA. I give my notice at work so that I can stay home and be a stay at home. Take a much needed vacation with Jason’s family to Florida.

Trains in Madrid are the targets of a terrorist attack.. George W. Bush is re-elected. We start attending an amazing church after much discussion about leaving the one we were attending. Jason had been attending that church since he was 3. I’m a Bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. Meet people at our new church who are now some of my best friends I have ever met in my life and they continue to inspire me every day. The Tsunami swamps Indonesia.

Celebrate the 5 year marriage mark and how God has blessed us to this point. My dad dies TOTALLY unexpected. I miss him more today than I ever dreamed I would. We learn London subways are attacked by terrorists. We learn we are expecting another baby (this one was not a surprise). We take our first trip as a family (all by ourselves). Come home from vacation as Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc on the South. We experience a miscarriage and I have a D&C and stay in bed all weekend. 6 weeks later we learn we are expecting AGAIN.

2006: The London liquid terrorists are stopped. We are the first to experience the new travel rules. Arnold is re-elected Governator. We welcome Miss M to our family. She is named by her sisters. Saddam Hussian is killed. Miss K starts Kindergarten. I join facebook.

2007: Nancy Pelosi becomes the first woman Speaker of the House. We attend Jason’s cousin wedding where he is the piano player. The Virginia Tech shooting happens. “Don’t Stop Believing” tops charts thanks to the Sopranos. The Dow Jones industrial average records it’s highest ever close.. Wildfires ravage San Diego again.

The China earthquake kills 90,000. Miss L starts Kindergarten. John McCain selects Sarah Palin as his running mate. Wall Street falls apart. Barack Obama is elected President. Miss M is diagnosed with Diabetes.

The miracle on the Hudson River happens. Barack Obama is inaugurated. We start the Dave Ramsey total money makeover and are still doing it to this day and look forward to screaming “We’re Debt Free” one day. Brother in law goes through a shocking and terrible thing but with all of us by his side is doing great today. I’m a Bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. Meet one of the best endocrinologist ever for Miss M. Jason’s other cousin gets married where he is the piano player. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson die on the same day. The H1N1 outbreak and vaccine scare Americans. We as a family have been sicker this year than any other year to date. Starting in August at least once a month someone is at the doctor. Reconnect with one of my biggest supporters of my life and his dear wife (thanks Facebook).

What will the next decade bring? ...

All I pray is that it brings faith, hope, and love and a college diploma.

Considering that I'll be 41 by the time the two-thousand "teens" end, I'm sure there will be more change in my life in the next decade than I can even imagine.

Happy New Year to you all even if it is 4 days late. Thank you for being my blog readers, my cheerleaders, my support group, and most of all, my friends. May your next year and decade be filled with peace, prosperity, and passion.


  1. Wow, a full decade. And the difference between 21 and 31 is astounding, isn't it?

    I haven't read Changing You for girls, but if it's anything like the boy book, it is probably a good bet. At least it can get you started in the right direction. Good luck!

  2. Great post, I am trying to find the time and sit down and do a year in review, can't believe you were able to do a decade in review. My how times have changed. Wonderful post.