10 years ago

I know that I just recently did a decade in review but I have to write again about it because today we are celebrating our 10yr wedding anniversary.

This is us on our wedding day. We were so young back then but at the time I remember feeling so old.

We have been through a lot in 10 years:

Built a house
had 3 little girls
lost one child
sold a house and moved
moved churches
lost jobs and quit jobs
working on finishing school
met great friends
been through some things that have made us a stronger couple

I remember meeting Jason in high school in 1996 in Anatomy class. I was a junior and he was a senior. At the time we were with different people but I knew that one day when the time was right we would be together. 7 months later we started dating and have been together ever since. Jason proposed to me one week after my 20th birthday and for the next 15 months we planned a very low budget wedding that turned out beautiful in my opinion. That's all that matters right? I have been fortunate enough to be his wife for the last 10 years and I look forward to many more years.

Our family today

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