O Christmas Tree(s)

I really love this time a year. I love the look of all the decorations in our house. I am following the Nester and her tour of homes and getting many ideas for next year but for now this is the best we can do.

This is the "main" Christmas tree. The one I decorate with pride. It is decorated with Red and Apple Green ornaments. I am planning on adding brown ornaments next year to them. We have some very special ornaments on each of our trees.

This is one of my favorite ornaments....it is my angel baby. We experienced a miscarriage in September 2005. I have an angel baby on 2 of my trees so that we will always remember that sweet little baby that is in heaven waiting for me and Jason one day.

This is my new ornament on the big tree. My MIL bought it for me when we were out shopping on the Day After Thanksgiving. I love the colors and the simplicity of the little gift.

This is "Jason's" tree. It is completely covered in Santa's. Jason has been doing this little tree for about 3 years. He takes great pride in this tree. It is covered in white and colored lights and red and dark green balls. It is in our family room and it winds up being the tree that we put all the presents under and it is the tree that "Santa" sees when he comes down our chimney.

This is MY favorite ornament on the Santa tree. I just love the detail on Santa.

This is one of two new ornaments that Jason added to the tree this year. It is Santa riding a jalapeno with a lasso. Jason said when he bought it he thought of our friend Tim and his love of New Mexico and hot things.

This is the other new ornament. Jason found both of the new ornaments at Hobby (heaven) Lobby. He convinced me to ask his mom to buy it for him so the day after Thanksgiving this was purchased. Santa is so beautiful in this one too.

No tree that Jason decorates would be complete without a Santa and baseball together. Jason is an avid baseball lover and fan, so this just brought two of his favorite things together.

This is the tree in our bedroom. We have a theme of brown and blue in our room so I incorporated that into our tree. It is still a little of a Charlie Brown tree but we just put it up last year so we still have a little bit of growing this tree.

Here is the angel baby for this tree.

Here is our mantel. I love the look and have already made some changes to it since I took this picture last night. My favorite part of my mantel this year is the light bulb ornaments hanging off the apple garland. I have a different idea for the mantel next year so I can't wait. Sorry for the camera glare on the TV.

This is Jason's village in the bottom of our fireplace. My mother gave us the entire village set right after we got married.

We have the outside of our house decorated but I only took a picture of the front door. I have really gotten into changing out our front door decoration lately. This is my second one I have done. I put everything into green Styrofoam and just pull it out and change it with the season or holiday.

Finally, the real meaning of Christmas. I am in love with the navivity by Willow Tree and look to one day have it however, this is perfect for us right now because all of the people are mounted to the creche and with 3 little girls around it works really well for us.

Thank you for humoring me a little while I shared some of our Christmas with you. We have a lot of family parties starting this weekend so I can't wait to share our upcoming week with you all.

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