Pink and all its glory

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful piglet as pink as bubble gum and twice as bouncy. She had intelligent eyes, a winsome smile and her name was Priscilla."

We checked the girls out early on Wednesday after their class parties to go and enjoy some time with Mimi, Papa, Uncle Justin, and us so off to the Pink Pig we went. This has always been a big tradition with Jason and his family. I had never heard of the Pink Pig before Jason and I started dating so long ago and then it was stories because at the time the Pink Pig was no longer running. Then about 4 or 5 years ago they brought it back to Lenox Mall and we have tried to go every year again since.

This year was a really good time to go since we went during the day it wasn't nearly as crowded and it had a very limited wait. We posed as we waited.

The Girls with Mimi

The Girls with Papa

With Daddy on the Pink Carpet

We had the best time. It is great to be able to make family memories with them and their grandparents be there. I was never fortunate enough to experience that so I am thankful that my daughters are having the opportunity to do this.

I have taken pictures of the three main trees at our house but didn't want to post them tonight because I wanted to make sure all the blogs get read since this is a "new" experience for me once again of updating more frequently. So I will make a post about that tomorrow. I have some special ornaments on our trees that I want to share with everybody so that will make that post fun.

Can you believe it is only 8 days til Christmas? Where has 2009 gone....however, it was a rough year for us so I can't wait for a new year with new memories.

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