And We're BACK

We have been so busy that writing an actual blog has been the last thing on my mind. Since the last "official" update we have started school and been having a really good time. Miss M officially started Preschool this year and is loving it, we have blessed with some really great teachers. Miss M just marked her one year anniversary of Diagnosis Day of Diabetes. While this has been a long year full of life changes and new experiences she is doing really well and there is a great possibility that she will get a pump in February which would be really nice because instead of giving her 8-10 shots day she would just have to be pricked once every 3 days. So please put in a little prayer for us that this will happen. Miss L is now is first grade and loving it she has been sicker than usual the year, in fact, she started missing school due to illness within the first three weeks of school. At the present moment we are waiting to hear results of whether Miss L will make the gifted program at her school. She says that she is definitely going to make it. Miss K is busy at school also. She has been in the gifted program for 3 years now and finally got to take a field trip out of state with the program. They were studying bats at the time of the trip so they went to a cave and looked for bats and the funny part is that she asked her Mimi (Jason's Mom) to go with her. For those of you that know Mimi you can imagine how "excited" Mimi was to be going to search for bats. As it turns out she had a really good time. Miss K was also diagnosed with H1N1 in September that was a really long week for her. Jason and I have both been really busy but we found time to get away in November for 5 days (training for Jason and relaxation for me) but it was great to be able to have some alone time.

We recently completed the football and cheer leading season with great success however, we decided to that Basketball season is the one that we will skip this year and we will take up sports again when Softball starts up in March. We are looking forward to the Christmas season and remembering the true reason for the season. I am going to take some pictures of our trees that we have in our house so that you can share in our holiday season. We have 6 trees so it will be nice to share them with everyone out in cyber land.

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  1. Hey! Can you tell me if I'm spelling Kerigan's name correctly? I can't remember if it's two "r"s or one? Thanks!!