Spring Break

We were so busy last week that I am still trying to catch up on all my blogs that I "stalk" that I had forgotten that I haven't posted in a little over the week.

We had a fantastic Spring Break with Jason being home all week. A friend of the girls spent the day and night with us on Monday and into Tuesday. On Wednesday we went and had lunch with Mimi, Thursday was the earliest day of all as we had to drive an hour away to Peachtree City to meet Miss M's new diabetes doctor....which was SO worth the drive. I am so impressed with a doctor that blocks off a whole hour to get to know you and your child and answer your questions and then proceeds to give you his home number if we were to need advice or help after hours. We then proceeded to take the girls bowling after we got back which was alot of fun considering the girls had never been. Then on Friday I took the girls to see the new Hannah Montana movie which was surprisingly good. I have been a little irritated with Miley Cyrus lately but this was really good and I was impressed.

I really have some good pictures of our bowling adventures but I can't figure out how to post them anywhere but at the front of the blog and that's not where I want them so if I learn how to post them any other way I will eventually add them.

Easter post is coming up so stayed tuned.

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