Told you

In my previous post I told you I would post about Easter. So please be impressed that you got 2 posts in one night....don't know if that will ever happen again.

We had a great visit from the Easter Bunny and didn't do as much candy this year since Miss M now has Diabetes. I have since gotten ideas on even less candy baskets from all my "blog" friends that I actually can't wait until next year now.

We went to the 11:00 hour at church, which was AMAZING (it rained on stage during the last song). We then proceeded to head over to Mimi and Papa's for lunch where we enjoyed time with each other, Jason, his brothers, Papa, and Miss K and Miss L all enjoyed playing wiffle ball in the backyard after our egg hunt of course. Then we just hung out until 8:00PM when we decided to finally return home. It was a great day.

Miss M didn't do well yesterday with everybody's schedules returning to normal and no one being home with her except me. It was true delight when her sissers got off the bus yesterday afternoon.

Once again I am asking everybody to please keep my brother in law in your prayers as he is still having a hard time with everything going on in his life. He looks discouraged and depressed alot so any prayers that can be sent up for him would be appreciated. His wife is also in need of many prayers as she is choosing a different path for herself. This is hard on all us but not nearly as much as on Jeffrey.
Until next time.....

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