A Little Piece of Heaven

We have finished another week of school and are looking forward Spring Break this week from school. We are especially looking forward to this week because Jason's company has decided not to strike. Even though the strike would not have necessarily affected Jason, it would have affected have family life as Jason would have been required to work 12 hour days 6 days a week. This can be hard when you are a one car family with 3 kids. We have been without our second car since the end of January and we have been able to handle it but it would have been hard to get the girls where they needed to go (sports, doctors, church, you get my drift).

Even though we are not going anywhere this week we are going to enjoy each other. I am going to work on the house, we plan to have a friend over for the girls tomorrow, we plan to go bowling, and while Jason goes to the Braves game on Friday night with his brother, Jeffrey, I plan to take the girls to the movies while Miss M stays home with Grammy. Miss L has been asking to move rooms this weekend so she and Miss M are going to change rooms so I have a big task ahead of me this week getting that done.

Finally, tonight we were able to get together with Jason's family and even the first night of baseball season. We are a HUGE baseball family so this is our favorite time of year. We try to watch as many games as possible so this is a good night to get started.

I am asking that all of my readers please send up a couple of prayers for my brother in law, Jeffrey. He is going through some life changes right now as his wife has decided to end their marriage after almost 5 years so it has been a difficult time for him. So any extra prayers would be appreciated.

Until next time....

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