I slipped

So I have been meaning to sit down and write an update but life has been crazy.

With the girls and school and now that Softball has started back up for Miss K it seems that I am hardly able to sit down and update. I guess when I am catching up on the other blogs I follow I could write one also.

Last Friday the 20th....Miss L turned 6; It is hard to believe that she is 6 years old now. She has grown up right before my eyes. For her birthday she requested that us, aunts and uncles, and grandparents all go out to eat at Ted's (one of her favorite places). Then we came home and had gifts and cake time. We had a really good time.

The next night we celebrated my dear friend Angela's 40th birthday with a surprise party and then on Sunday we celebrated the birthday of one of our friends little girl Maddie. Her birthday was actually on the 1st of March but we were given a little snow storm that day so her parents had to cancel her party.

We didn't do much this past week that would be considered important. We have a family wedding shower to go to today and we are going through our 5th day of rain in a row. I love the rain and I know that we need it but I am over the wet stuff at this point.

Have a great weekend and we will talk to you soon.

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