Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.....

Finally, everyone is well in the OK Fab Five House and we are enjoying the fabulous weather that has found us here in Georgia. We have been crazy busy since our last post. This past weekend I had the honor to be in my Best Friend's Wedding. Kristen and I have known each other since about 2005 and I consider her a dear friend that I turn to when I need to scream, cry, advice, etc and she does the same. Our girls absolutely love her since she has been one of their favorite babysitters. The unique thing about mine and Kristen's friendship is that in 2003, Jason and I bought the house we live in from her parents not knowing that 2 years later we would be the best of friends with that entire family. Jason had the honor of playing the music for their wedding so the entire day was special for both of us. We are so excited for Ben and Kristen.
In other news, you may recall my last post and rant of second grade antics.....well, yesterday that little girl I discussed apologized to Miss K and said that she was wrong and wanted to be friends again. I feel that since they used to talk nearly everyday, her mom must have had a part in having her daughter apologize but I will take it. We will see what happens with them being friends again.
We are gradually making changes to the house and look forward to seeing changes to meet the looks that I am trying to achieve. I have gotten so many ideas from some of the blogs that I follow so if you are looking for a change take a look around. I look forward to posting pictures of the changes soon.
Until, next time.

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