My rant.....

When did a child being teased and harassed start happening in Second Grade? Kids in Second grade are suppose to still be babies and not having their feelings hurt and crying when they get off the bus. Miss K has a "friend" that told her last week that she didn't want to be her friend anymore. Understand this....this has been a friend since they were in 2 year preschool together, this little girl has spent the night at our house and K and L have spent time at her house. Kids are not suppose to not have friends turn their backs on them in Second grade....I feel. When K came home last week crying Mr. and I told her that to let her friend clear her head and that they would probably be friends this week. Well, so much for that....Miss L walked up to the friend today and said K wants to be your friend and the little girl screamed at her. Then later she walked up to K and told her, her birthday parties were stupid. Come on people this is second grade. So Mr and I told her that she is going to need to make new friends and let it go....I said some other things but I will keep that off this blog. Besides it might be a good thing because we had noticed that K is a little different when she hangs out with this little girl. In fact, she is unbearable some so this might be good for us. But I just needed to rant about how mean girls just shouldn't exist in second grade.


  1. I am so sorry that sweet K is already having to deal with this "junk". I can completely empathize, and I can also promise that it isn't just girls that are mean. It's heartbreaking, but we have to look to the Word and use it as a chance to bring Jesus's words to life. Love, forgiveness... hard, hard things to try to talk to a child about when they are hurting. Because when they hurt, so do we. But good CAN come from it, and we CAN be thankful IN it, even if we aren't thankful FOR it. So I'll pray for your sweet girl, that her heart will heal and she'll simply learn that Jesus loves her, and that's enough. hugs....

  2. Well that stinks, cause who wouldn't want K for a friend? She is one of the sweetest..and funniest little girls I know. It's the other girl's loss. I am with you, can't believe this such behavior starts this young.

  3. I agree,mean girls shouldn't be in 2nd grade. But during my stint as a 2nd grade teacher I saw it happen! So sorry your little K had to learn the hard way. Thankfully she has a momma that cares so much about her and who she can talk to about it.