Are You Kidding Me!!!!!

I am so over the month of February. Yesterday we noticed that Miss M was running a fever so we doctored her up, kept her home from church and then decided to watch her overnight. This morning she got up running a fever of 103 so off to the doctor we went where she was diagnosed with an ear infection and the flu. However, this year's flu has 2 strains A and B. Medication is mildly working for strain A but nothing is working for strain B. Which strain does Miss M have? You guessed it....strain B. Fits our month, doesn't it? They went on prescribed her the flu meds hoping that it will keep her diabetes in line we will see.

I was telling my mother today that the months of January thru April are the worst for us and then we usually finish out the year barely visiting the doctor, at this point I am ready for it to be April. Everybody in our family has officially been sick already this year.

In other news....for those of you that ordered Girl Scout Cookies from us they will be in our hands on Sunday so we will get them to you ASAP. We appreciate you helping us get them ordered and supporting Miss L's Daisy Troop. This weekend we finish up basketball and end with a birthday party on Sunday Afternoon.

I have another post to write about but that is for later tonight because it is a complaining post and I need to get my thoughts together before I can write it. See you soon.

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