What A Week!!!!

Haven't posted in awhile because we have dealt with many issues in our house over the last 10 days and while I do not care to share them in this format all I can do is ask that those of you that read this please continue to pray for us.

This week has been a growing experience in our marriage and one that the devil was sure he would win and while there are times that I still feel like he might win, I am bound and determined to not let him win.

This past Saturday we traded in old movies that we no longer watch and purchased "Fireproof" and would highly recommend that if you are married and have not seen this movie you take the time to watch it with your spouse. Even though it wasn't the type of movie that I expected J to watch with me, he actually enjoyed it and we both came away with some lessons.

I am greatful for the friends that have been there for J and myself over the last week and I couldn't have done it without each of you and appreciate each of you letting us share tears and trials with each of you.

Maybe the next post will be a better one. Crossing our fingers.

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