I have a good excuse

If there can be such an excuse for not blogging for 2 weeks. Our house has been CRAZY. Where do I begin.

Two weeks ago we celebrated my mother's 63rd birthday with a dinner out with her, my brother, and his wife at the local Longhorns. This was alot of fun and was especially nice because Jason and I paid with cash. You see this is a big deal because Jason and I just recently started the Dave Ramsey Course and we are learning alot of stuff about our money. Through the Dave Ramsey Book and the course that we are taking at church on Wednesday Nights we have been tracking our expenses for two weeks and are amazed at how when you actually track what you spend, you have a tendency to not spend as much.

Through this experience we have started eating at home and I have enjoyed learning new recipes and trying them on my wonderful family. I came across a new website that gives you 365 crockpot ideas and since we are extremely busy right now with me being in school and the girls finishing up Basketball Season this has been a HUGE help. However, we do allow ourselves one night out a week for all the hard work we have done for the week. Sometimes our nights out (usually Friday) consist of nothing more than Chick Fil A which is a big family favorite.

We didn't do anything for Valentines Day becuase we consider it more of a Hallmark Holiday more than anything else. The only big thing we did was celebrate the wedding of Q and U in L's Kindergarten Class. If you don't know what this means.....think about it you NEVER see a word that starts with Q without U being right next to it. That is my little Miss U at the beginning of this blog update.
Then all craziness broke out....the stomach bug found our house (or at least 2 of those occupying our house). K got sick early Sunday Morning and M got sick early Monday Morning. You can imagine how much laundry has been done at our house this week. I have washed everything that will fit into my washing machine. I am glad that everyone is on the mend FINALLY.
Other updates: K is doing really well in school. it is hard to believe that 2nd grade is almost over and she is soon approaching 3rd grade, L is also doing really well in school. We have been blessed with great Kindergarten teachers. They have been a big blessing and it helps to have great teachers when it is new surroundings for little people. M is the one that has changed the most. Since being diagnosed with Diabetes in December she is a totally different child. She is a typical 2 year old whose vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds since being diagnosed. We never would have guessed that Diabetes could affect a child's learning and growth. Some of her recently discovered words are Auditions, Love You, Thank Me, and L's real name, which is a real big deal. We still need to work on K's real name b/c she is still known as DoeDoe.
I am greatful to have such a wonderful family that loves each other even during our bad times and wouldn't change my gang for nothing.

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