So much for being on the mend

I guess in my last post I spoke to soon. this week sickies have found our home and again and it has struck two different people. L and I are the ones that are under the weather. Well, actually L is doing better after a 18 hour bug and I am still not the greatest but will get better.

L came down with a stomach bug right after we left their Upwards Basketball Awards on Sunday afternoon. That another post on another day...or maybe even laater tonight since I am in bed, we will see. However, I started running a fever on Sunday night which proceeded Jason to take me to the doctor yesterday where I was informed that it "walked like the flu, talked like the flu" but couldn't be given that diagnosis because the flu test came back negative because I had been on an antibiotic for a sinus flare up just the week before. So while my doctor is telling me to treat myself as if I had the flu it was not my official diagnosis. Late last night or early this morning I finally broke my fever but I am still extremely weak and just plain tired.

On other news....while Jason and I haven't had the best of times lately and those are improving like I discussed in my last post. I have just learned that a friend of ours as been having some really hard times lately. Jason and Kristen have known each other for many years in fact, his dad and her dad once thought that Jason and Kristen would one day get married but God had other plans and they each found outstanding partners (if I do say so myself) anyways, Kristen husband Vince has been laid off from work and having difficulty finding a job in the economy that we are living in right now. So while I know that Jason and I can't finacially help them right now I can spiritually and am asking that you do the same. If you would like to read about this dear fmaily look under blogs I floow for "life on the funny farm". They are a sweet couple and I have been blessed to know Kristen for about 11 years now.

I hope you each have a great week in case I can't post again this week.

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  1. I'm sorry the sickies have made their way back to your family. That is not fun!