Too Much to Handle

Warning this post is long, a slight pity party but its my journal for our family so i am allowed.

It is almost 3 am and I am sitting here with miss M in the best Children's Hospital in our area. We have been here since Sunday afternoon. Let me explain.

It all started on the evening of Wednesday February 27th when as miss M was sleeping we discovered that she was running a fever of almost 102 out of the blue.  Let me emphasize that she fell asleep in our bed on our heated mattress pad so I first thought that's why she was so warm, however we treated and kept close watch over her all night. She woke up feeling fine, fever free and not the best judgment on my part looking back but with the counseling of others we sent her to school that next day because she didn't want to miss picture day. Jason stuck close to the house and by 11:40 that morning she was once again running a fever and had now started complaining of a sore throat. We made an appointment with our pediatrician for later that afternoon. At the pediatricians office they did both flu and strep tests and everything came back negative. We were told that they believed it was a viral infection that needed to run its course and we were recommended to keep her at home the following day. On Friday she and I stayed home and she played to her hearts content until about 2:00 when the fever made a return. She slept for 2 hours, she woke up once again fever free and we never had anymore symptoms. Until Sunday that is.

Sunday wasn't a typical day. We had agreed as a family that we would rest for the day instead of attending church. Everything was fine until about 10:45 when out of the blue miss M started vomiting. We secluded her to her room and began the process of watching her sugars and ketones. At 11:45 she vomited again. At this point we were in contact with our endocrinologist office and was following all of his recommendations. Miss M preceded to fall asleep in her bed slept for 1.5 hours. When she woke up she just didn't look right. We checked her finger, numbers were extremely low but treating lows at home wasn't working because everything we had given her was causing her to vomit within 30 minutes of consumption. The endocrinologist told us to give her some glucagon and head to the local children's hospital.  By the way, glucagon is the med that very diabetic parent doesn't want to give. On the way to the ER she vomited yet again. We were fast tracked through the ER (when we arrived it had over 2 hr wait just to be seen). She was set up on fluids and had a lot of blood taken, it then turned into a waiting game. Her sugar levels bounced back and forth between very low to kinda low over the course of 4 hours. But her ketone levels continued to sky rocket. So we were told you are checking in at least for 24 hours.

Jason and I made the decision that I would stay and he would go home get the other girls taken care of and return the next morning. Like every hospital experience Sunday night and Monday morning there was little sleep. Blood sugar and ketone checks every 2 hours doesn't allow for much sleeping.  Monday morning rolls around after getting the older girls to school Jason calls to say we have a problem at the house. Really???? was all I could process at the moment. The half bath had leaked all night flooding the basement and shorting out the circuit board to our furnace leaving us without heat. But that was only the beginning. Upon further investigation, the main sewer line to our home has crushed on itself in what we have learned would be in 3 separate locations. We would find out that it would cost almost 5k to replace but since we don't have the ability to not live in our house it had to be done. On a side not in the past 9 months we have put nearly 10k into the house that I now refer to as the money pit. I feel like I am living in that old Tom Hanks movie.

Back at the hospital we were informed that even though her sugar level were ok she was not going home because of her ketone levels. Jason went back home for a second night to get the girls situated and prepare for the workers that will arrive later this morning.

Okay I am warning you this is where the pity party is about to start. Last year 2012 we as a family agreed that we would forgo a family vacation in order to be able to pay for miss K's braces straight up and stated that we would have the best
vacation imaginable in 2013,  knowing that 2014 there wouldn't be a vacation because it would be miss L's turn for braces. So when 2013 arrived I began planning our once in lifetime and very reasonably priced family dream vacation to Disney World. My girls have never been but have always asked. Well, our plans seem to be falling around apart around me.

Yes, I have always been told God doesn't give me more than we can handle. But between Liv's diagnosis this past year, a diagnosis for me, house crud, and Miss M's hospitalization I don't think I can handle anymore. We desperately needed the vacation that we were all looking forward too. I understand it could be worse as I lay here in bed with my sweet sickly 6 yr old. A few floors away in PICU lies Tripp Halstead, a local little boy that was injured in October. I am grateful every day that we aren't having to fight the battles that his family is having to fight. But I still question what did I do wrong for all of this to happen at once. I am sure there is a reason for all of this even though I just don't see it right now. Until next time.....


  1. Hang in there momma. I feel the same way sometimes...like will we EVER be able to go on vacation...but that mouse will be there forever. Take care of you, your family, and your money pit. ;)

  2. I'm so sorry Rebecca! My heart just aches for you. Thanks for sharing...even in the rough times.

    I stopped by to thank you for listing Parties for Pennies on your site but now I want to tell you that I will definitely be keeping you guys in my prayers! <3 Heidi Rew