See these people:

They are our two best friends...Jason and Clay have been friends since they were elementary school together and Ashley and I got to know each other while Jason and I were dating SO long ago.

We have gotten married the same year (7 months apart), had our first babies (4 months apart), have spent many evenings together and have shared many tears and laughs together.

After 15 years of being friends....I can't imagine them not being in our lives. So anytime we get a chance to get out without our kids (we have 3 girls and they have 3 boys) it is a special time and one where many things are said that only true friendships can appreciate. Friday Night was one of those times. It had been a very long week at our house with the passing of my uncle and so when we coordinated this I knew it would make the perfect end to such a long and sad week.

I am greatful to be friends with them and consider them family. I appreciate the fact that they care for my girls like we do and know that my girls can depend on them if they ever need someone other than us to talk to. But more important, I especially look forward to growing old with them.

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