Thankful Thursdays

I am stealing this idea from a friend, Heather. I figured if that since she has a newborn and can manage to do this weekly ten why can't I. So here goes.

I am blessed beyond measure with a wonderful husband and three little girls and an awesome extended family so one can hope that I would be able to put together my Thankful list. I plan to get better each week but here is the first installment.

1. A husband that lets me gripe and complain about anything that is on my mind each day and sits there and just nods.

2. Three beautiful little girls that make each day a new adventure and through our good days and our bad days still love me.

3. A mother in law that has taken my little people to spend the night with her tonight and telling me that we don't have to pick them up until almost lunch time tomorrow. I am SO excited.

4. Swimming lessons that are over but on the other side has made Miss L fall truly in love with the water more each day.

5. A night out with my husband tonight even if we can't start our night out until after 9PM.

6. Jason's boss for telling him to take tomorrow off......YAHOO.

Silly list but I will take what I can get the first go around and will hopefully get better as this blog attempt goes on.


  1. Rebecca, sounds like you have a truly THANKFUL Thursday... AND Friday! I'm so glad to hear that you and Jason have a chance to spend some "alone" time together. Have a sweet and wonderful night and morning... take it easy and just relax! Blessings on your special time...

  2. Great list!! Have a good time alone with NO kiddos!

  3. I love it!!! These posts have really made me slow down and take stock of the blessings in my life. I hope they do the same for you!