Growing Up

So the Baby (miss M) is about to be 3 in two weeks and while I am sad to see her grow up she is learning SO much.

She can just about carry on a whole conversation with you.

The biggest step we have made is that we started potty training her yesterday and it was a very LONG day. Her sisters were REALLY easy Miss K was almost 2 when she trained and Miss L had just turned 2 so waiting til she was three was a big change however, she showed no interest and my pediatrician had warned us that it would be difficult with her Diabetes. Well, yesterday we went through about 30 pairs of underwear and today we have only went through 4. She really loves the idea so much in fact that over the last hour she has went every two minutes. Jason says she has leanred the system of how I give her just 3 M&M's every time she goes but hey it's working so I will stick with it.

I know we haven't updated we have been pretty low key so there hasn't been much to say but we have alot of birthdays and a wedding coming up so maybe I will be able to update some.

Today would have been my dad's 63rd birthday and I miss him more and more everyday. It is hard to believe that he died 4 years ago already.

Today is also Mimi's birthday (Jason's mom) so we are celebrating with her at her favorite place to eat.

Have a great day


  1. Yay to Miss M on the potty training thing!!! Can't believe she is almost 3!!!

  2. Almost 3 already? Why should I be surprised.. M next door turns 3 tomorrow, and they were 2 weeks apart. But time sure does fly, doesn't it? Seems like just last year that you were having to sit out VBS.... crazy!