What Have We Been Up To?

I didn't realize until I was getting ready to write a blog just how long it had been since out last true update. We have been crazy busy. I told readers on Friday that an update was imminent and my friend Jess was not going to let me forget to update so here goes.

I finally finished the worst semester at school I think on record. I can honestly say it was the worst because we had some difficult family times during this semester on top of me realizing that the classes I had attempted were just definitely not for me, needless to say it was just an emotionally stressing and long 4 months.

Since finishing classes the girls have been crazy busy at school. On May 7th they were both invited and awarded in the Rocket Reader program at school. Over the course of the school year through this program Miss K read 42 Chapter Books and Miss L read 112 Kindergarten level books.

Miss L after being awarded with her medal

Miss K after being awarded with her medal

The front of the medals and the back is engraved with the child's name and year on the back

Our girls night this past Friday Night was alot of fun....I took the girls to eat at The Varsity in Kennesaw, we popped popcorn, and watched Bride Wars. A really good movie about friendships and Miss L really loved it because Kate Hudson's character had her name.

Also, this past weekend we finished up softball season for Miss K this has been one very rainy season. We had out first and last games of the season rained out and considering there are only 8 games in the season it was a short season. I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I am proud to say I think you could actually eat off my floors and I would never have said that before and it only took 6 hours and a blown up vacuum to accomplish this feat. The older I get the more OCD I become and want a very clean and neat house and absolutely hate clutter. Over the last 4 days I can honestly say that I have probably taken out 10 bags of trash.

We are preparing for the end of school which is this Friday and hopefully if AT&T doesn't strike we will enjoy our 3 day weekend and then prepare for our large O'Kelley Family Yard Sale that is set for the 30th of May and is being held at our house this year. So if you are in the area and want to check us out please stop by. With my new found OCD needless to say I will be selling a TON of stuff.

That's our wrap up. Until Next time


  1. THANK YOU!! Now don't be such a stranger =) Glad school is over for the semester. Hope it gets better for ya. I feel ya about the getting OCD the older you get.

    Til next time...=)

  2. oooo...are you selling any baby toys or books that's aren't too girly? :)