Now It's My Turn.....

So I took this idea from Mama's Losin It and decided to blog about Things I Do That Drives My Mom Crazy. So here goes and I know that I can write because my mom doesn't have a computer and she can't critique me.

Lately, it seems that everything I do drives my mother crazy let me list them for you. I figure I have at least 5 so here they are. I can't really put them in order because you see I think in her mind they all rank number 1.

My list:

I am not the kind of mother she would have wanted me to be. I could do better in her world, however, it works for me and my family and I am pleased with how I have turned out. Even though I am learning something new everyday.

I don't keep my house the way she thinks it should be kept but it works for my family and when we get around to getting the extra stuff hauled away we do. There is no need to drop one liners to my kids about how you feel about my house.

I don't do laundry the way she thinks it should be done. Let me give you an example here. My mother's side of the family got together for Christmas 2 days before the actual date and my brother and his wife proceed to give my three munchkin's each an Ed Hardy shirt. (Now if you have never heard of these shirts let me just say that they are every NICE shirts that also come with a nice pricetag.) Anyways back to my story, she proceeds to look at my sister and say those things will be ruined quickly the way she washes her clothes. Happy to report....I have since washed those shirts and they still look AMAZING.

I am more like my father than she would care to admit and I believe that kills her. You see my dad passed away 4 yrs ago this month and I never knew until after he passed how much he meant to me. I lost some great years with this dear man and if it wasn't for my JLO then I don't know if I would have gotten to have the last 5 yrs with him like I did.

Finally, I didn't marry the person she would have picked out for me to marry. I have been blessed with an amazing husband and an amazing extended family (my inlaws). JLO and I got married rather young by today's standards and we have pretty much grown up together but I had have grown up with my best friend then with anyone else and I am TRULY, MADLY, and DEEPLY in love with him and this thing that we call our life.

So, while my list might be humorous to you it is a way for me to vent a little. I am not good at standing up to adults (especially those older than I) and these things have bugged me for awhile so I figured I could air them with "friends".

Finally, Mama's Losin It.....asked readers to list the top 10 things of 2008 that meant something to you so here goes.

Top 10 of 2008....

10. I attempted a blog under a different heading failed at it and have since restarted with this one. I feel I might do really well with this.

9. I only took off one semester from school this year and I am looking forward to going back next week

8. I changed my major at school and feel that my new path will be really good for me

7. I learned what was causing my migraines and thanks to Dr Weiss, Dr Weiner, and a spinal tap I have been heatlthy since August.

6. I learned why my MEO had been a totally different child than my other two and we have since learned and are still learning alot about Type 1 Diabetes. But thankful we have a pediatrician that cares the way she does about babies and kids and has an extra special spot for those that fight this disease.

5. My family went on a wonderful vacation with JLO's family and we had the best time.

4. I read about 5 books in 2008....not including school material. Which I feel isn't half bad considering all the school I did have to read. We will see how 2009 turns out.

3. My children still love me! I managed to go another year without destroying my bond with my children. 365 days. 8 765.81277 hours. 525 948.766 minutes. 31 556 926 seconds spent living with my children...and they still love me!!

2. I turned 30 this year and I am totally excited.....you see I know alot of people in their 20's that I just don't care to be associated with or that age group so I was extremely excited to leave that time period in my life. Someone told me that more respect comes in the 30's.

1. I have an amazing family....mother included. I have been blessed with a brother and sister in law who can't be replaced by any means, I have a sister and her family that even though I don't see them as much as I would like is still dear to me, I have an awesome aunt and uncle and love them immensely, I have friends that are just as dear as family, I have an amazing extended family, I have 3 AWESOME kids, and finally, I have a husband that loves me and all of my quirks.

Now It's Your Turn.


  1. Wow! Great post...I'm glad you found me. :) And can I just say that if my mom critiqued me in ANY of the ways you listed I would probably disown her. I'm sure she means well!!

  2. Thanks for the add.

    Stick with the blogging thing...it'll come. Some things just take longer to be addicted to. Just remember to have fun with it!

    What is your new major? I just finished up school last month after being a student, well, as long as I can remember. It feels good to be free, though I liked it.