So long 2008.....FINALLY

I think my title would sum it up really well however, in case in doesn't for some of you let me just say. I am SO glad to be able to see 2008 leave. While this year had some good memories it also seemed to have more difficult and bad memories for us as well. let me give you a brief synoposis.

Nothing big happened in January except that JLO and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. Good grief where did that time go? January through May brought about school for me and little time to relax for us as far as the girls playing softball and just being busy. KAO finished first grade and LKO finished Pre-K. June brought to us an OKelley Family Vacation that was beyond awesome and relaxing. We haven't been on vacation with JLO's parents since 2003 and this was well worth it and I am already trying to plug a trip for 2009. Also in June brought to us a surprise birthday party for JLO since he turned 30. In July, some of closest friends experienced a crisis when the husband was diagnosed with cancer.....however, he is doing awesome

In August I had a spinal tap at Piedmont Hospital to relieve spinal pressure build up and relieve me of migraines and I am happy to say I have only had maybe 2 since which in awesome since I had them EVERYDAY for 11 months before then. KAO started 2nd grade and LKO started Kindergarten. In October I crossed the 30th birthday mark with 2 awesome dinners....one with my brother and his wife at Two Urban Licks in Atlanta and one with 25 of my closest friends at Johnny Carino's (the place closed its doors for good right after we left). In November I decided I decided that getting my teaching degree wasn't for and I plan to finish my degree with Management and will start pursuing that in January. Also, in November KAO performed in our church program for Kids Express.

In December we learned of our new life and way of living for MEO's sake when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. JLO played in our Christmas program and we celebrated Christmas and celebrated a dear friend's 3rd birthday and her little sister's dedication at church. However, in December we learned that some of our other friends daughter was diagnosed with cancer which has been been diagnosed as brain cancer and it usually only has a 10% survival rate. This is even harder since they lost their first daughter to cancer in 2004. Another set of our close friends lost a dear aunt just this morning.

So it has been marked with happiness and sadness but with everything that has happened in just December it seems that it has been a hard year so 2009 has got to be better,

While I typically don't make New Years resolutions one of my friend's on her blog asked what were mine so I figured I would name at least 3 that I would like accomplish....I plan to lose weight with her----haven't able to be at the gym in a couple of weeks so January 5th looks like a good day to start up again. I hope to be more successful at school and finally to get my house in the order that I would like to have it and keep it that way.

So what are you going to try and accomplish in 2009...let me know.

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