Countdown to May

May is a very busy month for our family and it hasn't even started yet. It is so big that I plan to document as much as possible right here to remember it all. We have softball tournaments, 5th grade activities that I don't want to ever forget especially for Miss K's sake, a HUGE graduation for this blogger right here. I have been in college on and off since 1997 and to know that I am graduating in 18 days is a wonderful dream come true. However, the main reason I am letting you know about our May is because I have decided that it is time to get healthy. I have been slacking and I am sure that traveling to school 4-6 times a week hasn't helped but now it is time to start taking care of myself. I can't be a great mom and wife if I am not healthy. I also want to show my girls that taking care of themselves is top priority. I have a program that I am going to follow and I am trying to get all of the stuff I want to do in order so this is the perfect week to do it. I hope you will follow m on my journey. I will do weekly weigh in and monthly picture updates. I know that the first pictures will be rough but it has got to be rough before it can be good. See you all in 10 days. Let the new me countdown begin.

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  1. Sweetie I am so proud of you and admire you so much for what you are doing. You have inspired me to do the monthly meal planning and get in shape also. Good Luck Sweetie I know you can do it!