Alot has happened---warning ALOT of pictures

Can't say I could catch you up on everything that has happened to us since I last posted but I could tell you how our month of June has gone.

June is one of the craziest months for our little family. We usually do a family vacation with Jason's family during this month, which we did. I will post those pictures at the end of this update. Mimi (Jason's mom) has a birthday on the 9th, Jason's parents anniversary is on the 14th, Jason's birthday is on the 18th, Father's Day usually falls around Jason's birthday, Miss M's birthday is on the 24th, and Papa (Jason's Dad) has a birthday on the 26th. We are so busy with parties and traveling that we barely have time to breathe On the 19th Jason and I went with my brother and his wife to see Hall and Oates at Chastain. While the company was great and the evening wonderful, the concert itself was a flop. They didn't even do some of their number one hits. Throw in Bible School at church and the month is over before it even begins. I am so happy that it is now July and there is a little breathing room and the calendar is not already full.

We have a couple of parties that we are attending in the next couple of days. I will try to document those as much as possible. I know that you don't want to read alot of words so I will proceed with the pictures at this point. It is all of June wrapped into one.

Family Vacation

The first night there....had to go put their feet in the water.

The original O'Kelley gang....minus Jeffrey who couldn't come.

The view from our room

Morgan's first attempt at going under the water....after that there was no stopping her.

The Three Musketeers....all on Kenzee's shoulder's

Our favorite hot dog/hamburger man

All buried together

Dad's turn

Mimi and 2 of her boys

Our little family

Papa, Mimi, and their rotten granddaughters

Like father, Like Daughter

One of my favorite action shots that I have been able to capture with my new camera.

Jason's Birthday and Father's Day

The Birthday boy before everyone arrived for dinner and desserts. This is when we chose to celebrate his birthday and father's day with him.

This was just the beginning of the loot that he racked up on. I guess turning 33 isn't so bad after all.

Daddy and his girls

Morgan's 5th birthday.....The outfit and shoes was just some of the presents she got from Mommy and Daddy

Here she is holding one of the pairs of shoes that my brother and his wife got her....in the end, this little thing got 10 pairs of shoes for her birthday. She LOVES shoes and clothes.

Since she has diabetes....it is hard to just go our and buy a cake for her. So Mimi always makes cuppcakes (which are her favorite) with just a little icing.

Well, there you have it....our June in review. I tell myself that this blogging thing is going to get better and I will be more consistent. Maybe that can be my mid year resolution. Let's cross our fingers.

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