Sorry....Minor Inconvenience Had My Attention

I was so looking forward to sharing the minor, but major improvements to me (at least)  with you but then a minor inconvenience reared it's ugly head and it called for my attention.

Let me explain.....

I had a way of convincing the mister to take a personal day on Monday January 17th to start some home improvements. Those such home improvements consisted of this:

We painted our laundry room. which is also our pantry..woo hoo. It had been a light green color since we moved in nearly 8 years ago. We also got rid of the stained trim in the room. This improvement came to be because of the beautiful blue items that are in the first picture which we purchased on the 14th. So that is just part of the love that is in this room now. We still need to change out the switches and plugs outlets to be white and I still want to add a curtain to the window that is behind the door but that will come.

However, life was just about to throw us a curveball.

When the mister got up on Wednesday at 4:30 to go the gym, he said he heard water running. after checking all toilets and upstairs bathrooms he proceeded to the half bath just off the kitchen and discovered water coming out of our exhaust fan. The water had piled up in the bathroom and had went down to the basement from the hole for the access pipe. So HUGE mess.

Luckily, we were on the phone with the insurance company by 6:00am and by 8:00am water mitigation was out at the house to start accessing the damage. We have a good friend who does home restoration and his team came in and after cutting a hole in my half bathroom ceiling and my kitchen ceiling discovered a broken pipe. The pipe was fixed on the 20th, water mitigation came in with their drying out machines (which stayed in until the 24th), and then our friend has been making the repairs to our ceilings. The total process is going to take about 10-14 days to completely have fixed but after being reimbursed by the insurance company and since we have such good friends we haven't had to come out of pocket for any of the repairs which is a blessing.

Since I was limited on what I could continue to work on with large drying machines in my home I decided it was time to organize underneath my kitchen cabinets. Take a look:

 This is the before shot. I love my baskets underneath my cabinets but having cabinets that are 24 years old they look a little rough.
This is the after picture...I laid down some leftover shelving mats from my pantry and I still plan to add a "cleaning bottle holder" to my cabinet door to hold the kitchen cleaners we use on a daily basis. It is a start and it feels so good to be taking back my house this year and making it fit us.

While all of this was going on we had a friend at church whose 34 year old husband passed away very unexpectedly and they have 2 small children so the mister helped with that funeral. Please pray this family as she has to start adjusting to a new "normal" if there is even such a thing for her and her children.

Sorry for the long post, hope I didn't bore you too much.


  1. yesterday a friend posted a link to a blog that shows how to make washer/dryer pedestals.

    I also discovered http://theletteredcottage.net/before-after

  2. Hi! I am SOOOO sorry I'm just getting back to you! I have gotten so behind on my emails! Anyways, the curtains in my bedroom are the Ritvah (not sure how to spell that) curtains at IKEA. I didn't use the tie backs that are pictured on the website.

    We got our curtain rod at Lowe's.

    Again, I'm so sorry I'm just now responding!