2011 Home Goals

This is the year that I am bound and determined to see drastic improvements around our house. We have lived in our home for 8 years this March. I am going to layout the plans that I have... the mister is not completely on board with everything just yet but hopefully once we get started maybe he will be a little more excited and want to see all the changes.

Let me preface my goals by saying that I take great joy in doing projects in our home, my main hobby has become my house and always will be now.  Plus, through this blog I write about my house, I can't do as many projects as I would like at one time but I have to start somewhere.  For this house project loving girl, I feel like I am going to have the time of my life with my new projects.

1. Living Room

sorry I was doing laundry when this was taken....not usually THIS messy. However, the plan for this room.

a. possibly slate the fireplace (this is the biggest dream for the entire house...it might extend into 2012)
b. large bookcase from Ikea on the back wall that you can't see in any of these pictures
c. replace the curtains...these were handed down from my mother in law and they have seen better days
d. paint the room a little darker
e. new ceiling fan
f. new slipcovers and pillows
these are just a few ideas

2. The Kitchen

a. paint the cabinets and add hardware
b. sand and paint the table and chairs
c. get a window covering
d. cabinet for the microwave by the table
e. a new faucet
f. a new countertop----(will probably extend into 2012)

3. The Office

 It is a mess b/c I had started working in this room when I took the picture, this room has already seen alot of changes since these pictures were taken but I have some more things I am wanting to do

a. window treatments
b. new light fixture
c. new paint color
d. possibly board and batten treatment (still trying to decide if that's what I want to do)

4. Master bedroom

The Mister will not allow the color to be changed as this is his favorite room color in the whole house. So operating on that concept here's the plan

a. build a new bed
b. new dressers 2 or 3
c. new fan
d. new bedside tables and lamps
e. new bedding...I haven't found anything I like since I got rid of my duvet a year ago :-(

5. The Hall and Stairs
a. new color---this color didn't turn out anything like I had hoped
b. wall of pictures all the way up the stairs

6. Girls Bath

a. new color----K,L,and M are over the purple
b. new decorations (these have already been purchased just need to paint first)
c. new light fixture
d. paint cabinet
e. frame out the mirror

don't have pictures of the other rooms but these are the plans:

Miss K's room:
a. new window treatments

a. new shower curtain
b. new faucet
c. curtains
d. repaint cabinet
e. frame out the mirror

Downstairs bath
a. new faucet
b.cabinet over toilet area
c. decorations needed

Laundry room
a. it just needs LOTS of love---enough said

So how much will I accomplish not quite sure but I can dream that most of these will be accomplished in 2011. Come on the journey as we go and follow along on this new project.

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