Take Two

You know what they say.....make memories...treasure time....never miss a moment with the kids.

I have attemped this blogging thing before and haven't been able to really keep it up but after nagging from my friend....Mrs Foster, I thought I would try this again.

December has been extremely crazy for us. It all started on December 1st when I took Morgan in to the doctor for what I believed was a typical UTI. Since she is NOT potty trained they had to do a catheter on her and when the results came back negative they wanted to prick her finger to find out why her sugar levels were so high. In case you don't know normal sugar levels are suppose to be at 130 or below. Upon pricking her finger...her sugar levels came back at 437 so we were immediately sent to Cobb Hospital for more blood tests. After the blood tests we had to play the waiting game for the results. About two hours later our pediatrician called and said that her sugar levels hadn't changed much so she wanted us to go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite for more testing. So off we went.

Upon arriving at Scottish Rite we were pushed above everyone that was waiting to be seen and work ups immediately started on Morgan. By the time they got her workup done her sugar levels were at 589....FYI we were told that 600 is a diabetic coma. So we were admitted to the hospital. We started our journey of learning everything you need to know to treat a diabetic child and care for that child. Through our training we learned the signs of a diabetic and were surprised to learn that Morgan had 5 of the 7 signs. We were in the hospital until December 3rd and have been trying to learn anything we can about Diabetes ever since.

Our pediatrician's kids are both diabetics and she has taken us under her wings. Morgan has adjusted well to the changes as have the other girls. Morgan tells us which fingers she wants pricked and where she wants her insulin shot at. She currently has to have her fingers pricked 3-4 times per day and she to receive insulin after EVERY meal.

After we made it home it was time to get ready for the Christmas program at church for Jason, Liv has been busy with her new Daisy group (we will have cookies for sale in January) and Kerigan has been preparing for a trip to Ridgecrest NC with the kids program group at church.

We look forward to the Christmas season and we will love sharing our Christmas memories with you soon.


  1. Hooray! You have a beautiful blog! Now, just have fun with it... :<)

  2. Just wanted to leave a comment and say your blog looks fabulous!! Now you better keep it going =)