I have had some moments of realization over the last week, you know those type that hit you square in the face when life throws you or ones closest to you a curve ball. Let me explain.

You see while I am a mother of three little girls that I adore with all my heart there are those days that I wonder and think was I meant to be a mother. I have days where they are the light of my world and days where I am so irritated I am sorry that the day ever started. Then all of a sudden life slaps you with a realization of how truly greatful I am to have three healthy (Diabetes aside) little girls that adore me and their dad.

My realization came last Sunday when I got home from spending time with friends to learn that some of our friends were facing another heartbreaking time in their lives. We have known Kirk and Natalie since we were all in the newlyweds class at First Baptist Smyrna in 2000. In 2003 they welcomed Madelyn Grace and within 4 months learned that she was suffering from cancer. Madelyn would go on to pass away in 2004 at 13 months old. They would welcome a healthy little boy Grant in 2006 and then 10 weeks ago welcome another little girl, Annette.

Last Sunday, they found out that Annette has a tumor covering a portion of her brain and on her spine. This past Friday 95% of the tumor on her brain was removed and now the recovery game begins and the waiting game to have the tumor removed from her spine. It will be a long hard journey for them and as we continue to pray for them and their little family I learn that my life isn't all that bad and I am thankful for healthy kids.

So the picture above is of Little Miss Annette please continue to pray for her and her parents during this time.

The O'Kelley Family wishes you a Merry Christmas.

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